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Your free PRO account* gives you 4 cores of vCPU, 16GB RAM, and 5GB of storage, all completely free, so you can accelerate your cloud-native developments with Napptive right away!

Ready-to-use catalog

Our Catalog lets you instantly deploy predefined applications, allowing you to upload your own. Find dozens of ready-to-deploy applications, which include Jupyter, Spark, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Drawio, Rstudio, Kibana, WordPress… the list grows on and on!

All encompassing platform

From simple to complex applications, you can develop at speed and scale without changing code, all fully integrated with your CI/CD pipelines and toolset.

Fully extensible

Leverage advanced tools and extensions to radically accelerate the process of creating applications, covering essential requirements such as app-centric monitoring, unified logging, managed secure endpoints, and many more!

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Create environments, deploy, and manage your apps. Simply log in and enjoy a Pro edition of our platform free. No credit card is required.

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