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A ready-to-deploy Internal Developer Platform that brings back simplicity to your product development


The Need for an IDP

Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) drive revenue growth by speeding up product launches and improving customer satisfaction. They boost developer productivity and retention, leading to enhanced organizational performance and increased revenue.

Supercharge Engineering Teams

Integrate development tools and automate tasks to reduce overhead and expedite the development process, resulting in faster time-to-market

Elevate DevEx

With a self-service environment, IDPs empower developers to work independently and efficiently. This autonomy boosts morale and fosters innovation

Fuel Innovation

IDPs drive innovation by allowing developers to focus on creating unique, valuable features leading to revenue growth and business expansion

Why choose the Napptive Playground

Napptive is an Internal Development Platform (IDP) that simplifies application setup and infrastructure management, empowering developers with autonomy from coding to delivery.

Designed to streamline the development and maintenance of your cloud-native applications, Napptive uses KubeVela to simplify application deployment and maintenance on Kubernetes.

Napptive accelerates efficiency, reducing time-to-market for applications. It fosters collaboration, integrating every member of the organization for improved performance and productivity.

Full control

Gain control of your application ecosystem through real-time platform usage analytics. Get a clear view of your applications, make informed decisions, optimize resources, and improve operational efficiency.

Deploy Anywere

Choose a flexible infrastructure strategy that fits your needs. Our platform supports on-premise, cloud-based, multi-cloud, and hybrid setups, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance in any environment.

Reduce Overhead

Empower developers to manage their environments, reducing the need for IT support and saving costs. Enjoy faster development timelines, improved efficiency, and increased productivity.


Powered by KubeVela

Napptive is a maintainer of the KubeVela project.
KubeVela is a modern software delivery platform that makes deploying and operating applications across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier, faster and more reliable.


Quantify Your Savings

Invest in Napptive and ensure a more streamlined and cost-efficient development process. Request your own tailored ROI report and discover how much you can save.

All encompassing platform

The Napptive Playground caters to every stakeholder in the development lifecycle

Empowering developers

Effortlessly launch, share, and manage apps across teams. Our platform is designed for simplicity and collaboration, allowing quick deployment and easy sharing among teams

Streamline Development Process

Automate deliveries, empower developers, and optimize onboarding. Our self-service environment enhances developer autonomy, job satisfaction, and overall efficiency


Amplify Visibility

Regain control of your projects and identify development bottlenecks. With Napptive, you have complete oversight, ensuring timely progress and meeting deadlines