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Cloud-native development redefined


Accelerate Development

Deploy and manage applications in seconds without worrying about the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure


OAM Dashboard

Understand at a glance how your application and its cluster dependencies are deployed


Focus On What Matters

We provide a set of components that simplifies the process of deploying and maintaining applications in Kubernetes


Extend your App

Our ready-to-use set of components can easily be added to your deployments improving reusability


Built-in Repo

Test common applications using the OAM specification and deploy them on their own, or integrated with your app



You can use our platform in your cloud provider of choice or on-premise

Let’s have some fun

Extended capabilities

Our set of tools on top of Kubernetes allows simple and reusable application deployments on any cloud or edge infrastructure.

Eliminate the need for teams to adapt and integrate their services with different Kubernetes providers & enable a true multi-cloud strategy.

We use the OAM specification, a new application definition standard promoted by Alibaba & Microsoft.

All-encompassing platform

Napptive offers a multi-tenant, secure SaaS platform that eases the adoption of cloud-native applications.

Each member of your development team can easily get a ready-to-use working space with minimal effort.

IT managers and DevOps can determine user quotas and restrictions to manage costs and improve the overall infrastructure usage.

Ready out of the box

Reusable OAM applications and components of well-known applications and extensions are provided by default.

Easily integrate at component level with databases and messaging systems.

Deploy ready-to-use applications for task management, internal CMS, chat solutions, etc.

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Drop us a note and let us know what your needs are. We will promptly arrange a custom demo for you and your team.

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