Streamlined Application Delivery


What is KubeVela

KubeVela is a CNCF Incubator project that simplifies application deployment across different environments, providing a reliable software delivery platform for hybrid, multi-cloud setups. It prioritizes application-centricity, programmability, and infrastructure agnosticism

Core goals

Streamline application delivery across diverse environments

Create a modular, extensible control
plane for building effective Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs)

Foster an open,
vibrant OSS


Why KubeVela

KubeVela, built with the Kubernetes control plane, provides a seamless app delivery experience without ad-hoc scripts. It supports multi-cluster/hybrid-cloud scenarios and offers built-in security, compliance, and observability. KubeVela is stable, enterprise-ready, and backed by a global community contributing over 50 add-on capabilities for integration with other Kubernetes tools.

Key Features

Deployment as Code

Transform your deployment plan into an automated workflow, extend it with CUE and leverage community add-ons to enhance infrastructure capabilities

Built-in Security, Compliance
and Observability

Enhanced security with a wide range of authentication integrations, customizable, fine-grained RBAC modules that meet unique supply chain requirements

First-Class Multi-Cloud/Hybrid
Environment App Delivery

Delivers apps smoothly across multi-cluster/hybrid-cloud scenarios. Automated cloud environment provision, and automatic canary, blue-green, and continuous verification


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