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Empowering devs to accelerate project deployment without needing deep infrastructure know-how

Accelerate project deployment

Overcome lack of autonomy

Transitioning from local development to a production environment or sharing your work can be complex. With Napptive, you can deploy your projects effortlessly without sacrificing control or limiting extensibility.



Reduce complexity

Focus on your app

Deploy your code directly in the cloud without worrying about the provider or the automation process. We are built on open-source technologies, eliminating vendor lock-in.


Deploy from git image

Start simplifying your process

1 Click App Deployment

Access Popular Stacks with Ease & Share your Own

Our growing catalog of commonly used applications lets you implement technologies you’re already comfortable with. This promotes reusability and simplifies the deployment of your applications.
Our catalog offers the same experience you get for single containers but for complete applications, with the ability to create and share your ready-to-deploy apps without complex configuration processes.


How it works

Napptive provides a user-friendly platform that makes deploying complex applications on Kubernetes easier and faster. Using KubeVela, we manage the technical details so you don’t need extensive Kubernetes knowledge. You can interact with clusters conveniently, create different environments easily, and trust that your applications are securely managed.

How does Napptive support Platform Engineers?

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