Napptive + WeMakeDevs Cloud Native Hackathon Results

by Apr 18, 2023Article

The Cloud Native Hackathon, co-hosted by Napptive and WeMakeDevs, recently took place, and it was nothing short of extraordinary! With over 1600 participants from around the globe, this hackathon was a melting pot of innovative ideas, remarkable projects, and skillful developers. It featured three challenging tracks that allowed competitors to showcase their creativity and expertise in various areas of cloud-native technology.

Hundreds of devs took to our Slack channel and engaged with each other asking questions, learning, and most impressively, sharing their knowledge and ideas. 

The whole team at Napptive and WeMakeDevs have been actively sharing our knowledge, and this event proved an amazing opportunity to showcase the power of OAM and Napptive in the cloud native landscape. We have taught many about the Open Application Standard, and devs without any experience in Kubernetes not only performed brilliantly but outright shone above others. We really aim to simplify the way devs can work and we believe this Hackathon is a testament to this.

From front to backend devs, people with little to no experience have worked alongside seasoned engineers. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride and we are sure to repeat this again!


The Cloud Native Hackathon featured three distinct tracks for participants to choose from:

  1. Migrate an open-source application to the Open Application Model (OAM)
  2. Create application extensions
  3. Best use-case blog post

These tracks aimed to address different aspects of cloud-native technology, providing participants with an opportunity to showcase their talents in a variety of ways.

Track 1: Migrate an open-source application to the Open Application Model

In this track, participants were tasked with migrating an existing open-source application to the Open Application Model (OAM), a platform-agnostic specification for building cloud-native applications. This track was designed to showcase the participants’ ability to understand and adapt to a new framework.

The winner was Team ULTRON, who migrated NocoDB, an open-source, no-code database platform that allows teams to collaborate and build applications with the ease of a familiar and intuitive spreadsheet interface. This innovative solution enables even non-developers or business users to become software creators by turning any MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and MariaDB into a smart spreadsheet. Have a look at team member Babitha Kumari’s GitHub profile.

Track 2: Create application extensions

The second track focused on the creation of application extensions. Participants had to design and implement extensions that added value to existing applications and could be utilized across different platforms.

Team lets-oam emerged as the winner in this track. Featuring an API server using Redis and Gin, creating an album store for faster querying. Their project featured a RESTful web service using Go, a Gin server for handling HTTP requests, and storage of album data in Redis. To explore the team’s work, visit Dipankar Das’s GitHub repository.

Track 3: Best use-case blog post

The third and final track centered around writing an engaging and informative blog post that explored a compelling use-case for  OAM. This track emphasized the importance of clear communication and storytelling in conveying the value and potential of cutting-edge technologies.

Team CloudKnights claimed victory in this track with their well-researched and captivating blog post titled “Using OAM and Napptive to Deploy an AI-powered React App.”

Read their winning blog post here.

We are truly grateful for your incredible contributions to the Napptive + WeMakeDevs Hackathon! Your ingenuity led to amazing applications, impressive extensions, and compelling content for the best use-case blog posts. Your passion and creativity have undoubtedly made this event a success.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding participation, we can’t wait to see what you’ll create next as you explore the limitless possibilities with Napptive!