Napptive Playground New Release

by Jul 14, 2022News

This week marked the release of the latest Napptive Playground new release. It has been an exciting past few months where we have been hard at work developing new features that we hope you will find very useful.

The main change is the introduction of support for OAM 0.3.1. We have supported OAM since our inception, as we believe it to be key to enabling simple yet robust application delivery across hybrid environments. We will continue working on the evolution of our platform in order to bring you the most advanced Kubernetes self-service platform in the market.

You will find that since our last release we have now included many key changes, which we believe will significantly help you even more in the way you create, deploy and manage your applications. Chief among the new changes in this latest release, we have included:

  • Upgraded support for Open Application Model (OAM) v0.3.1
  • New support for multiple component definitions that allows you to simplify writing applications (webservice, worker, statefulservice, etc.)
  • A Renewed Web UI and CLI
  • Improved support for custom extensions in the form of traits, components, etc.
  • The ability to define a workflow to orchestrate the application deployment
  • The ability to deploy Helm charts as components of an application

We would love to hear your comments and feedback on the latest Napptive Playground new release, so feel free to contact us through Slack for support. For more information on this release, we encourage you to check the updated documentation for more information. We also regularly update our content on social media channels, so make sure you follow us to stay up to date.

In case you are new to Napptive, and you would like to propel your application development, why not try our playground? It’s free, simply sign up and get started!