How to use the Catalog

by May 20, 2021Video

Explore how to use the brand new Catalog feature: Easily manage Cloud Native apps using the Catalog.

The requirements to get started are that you have the Playground installed.  One of the first operations you may be interested in is checking which applications are available in the catalog. You can also list the applications stored in the catalog using the Playground Web.

Each application that is published provides metadata information about the application itself, plus an optional one that can clarify how to work with the application once deployed (e.g., which are the default passwords).

Deploying an application from the catalog is a convenient method to start using the playground without writing any code.  You can also upload, download, and remove applications with tremendous ease.
Take a look at this quick video tutorial to get started, and visit our documentation for an in-depth look at how to use the catalog

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