Cloud App Devs February Meetup

February 13, 2023

Towards the end of 2022, we decided one of the best ways to give back to the cloud native community was to sponsor the recently created Cloud App Developers community. 

As per their manifesto, Cloud App Developers is “a community for enthusiasts of cloud-native technologies, where we will share knowledge, and support developers in their professional growth. Our mission is to create a community where we can share best practices related to the development of cloud-native applications and technologies, via meetups, webinars, and posts where you will find relevant information for your development.”

With this in mind, these three tenets guide the communities’ principles:

  • Open: We want everyone to participate. We encourage members and their colleagues to send us talks or blog contributions. We will help disseminate and amplify your stories!
  • Focused on developers: We are a developer community, by developers, for developers, and vendor-neutral. This is a place to learn and share best practices and knowledge.
  • Cloud-oriented: Whether it’s Azure, AWS, or Google… we don’t care. We are united in our love for all things cloud!

Cloud App Developers February Meetup

This month, they host their 3rd meetup and at the time of writing over 430 people have already registered!

On February 15th at 18:30 CET make sure to sign up and watch Abdelfettah Sghiouar from Google present how to “Secure your software supply chain from dependencies to deployment”, and Alessandro Vozza from, who will talk about “The Future of Service Mesh: Sidecarless, eBPF or both?”.

Abdelfettah Sghiouar, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at @Google

“Secure your software supply chain from dependencies to deployment”

No matter where you are on your software supply chain security journey, one thing is clear. Security is everyone’s responsibility and it starts from the development environment all the way to the runtime. In this session, you will learn how Google Cloud thinks about end-to-end secure software delivery. We will see what products and features exist on Google Cloud to be able to track, secure, and deliver your software in an automated way. We will cover multiple products with a focus on containers and automation.

Abdellfetah Sghiouar is a Google Cloud Engineer based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Working on everything Serverless, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, and containers with a background in Infrastructure and Security. You can follow him on for random tweets about technology and other stuff.

Alessandro Vozza DevRel

“The Future of Service Mesh: Sidecarless, eBPF, or both?”

Every service mesh, including Istio, uses a sidecar proxy as its data plane. With this pattern, a mesh can intercept and enhance the capability of networking communication on behalf of an application. However, this sidecar deployment pattern comes with challenges, including operational cost and complexity. With the advent of eBPF in modern kernels and some coordination with the Linux networking capabilities, we can remove the need for a sidecar and adopt a transparent approach. In this talk, we dive into the future of Istio to show how Istio can run in an ambient mode while maintaining the features of Istio running in a standard method. Benefits: The top concerns we address with sidecar-less mode are simplified operational and management overhead, broader application compatibility, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved performance.

Community leader and CNCF ambassador, Alessandro has spent the last few years building cloud-native infrastructures for Microsoft customers, animating the Dutch community, and training others to pass the CKx exams. He has a passion for all things cloud native, he’s been around open source for 25 years and recently moved to a new Developer Relations role. Twitter handle: @Bongo

Do you want to contribute to the community? 

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