AWS Summit Madrid

June 21, 2023

The AWS Summit in Madrid was an event filled to the brim with innovation and exciting possibilities. With over 30 technical and 20 business sessions, this massive gathering enabled attendees to deep dive into the workings of AWS cloud services through practical demonstrations and real-world customer stories. A notable highlight from the event was Napptive’s showcasing of our Internal Developer Platform.

Cutting Edge Technical and Business Sessions

The Summit offered a diverse range of technical and business sessions. They acted as a masterclass in leveraging AWS cloud services, including opportunities to witness real-world demonstrations and learn from customer experiences. It served as an eye-opener for organizations keen on gaining sustainable competitive advantages through digital transformation. Our team was present at the Summit, not just as participants, but as one of the selected few companies present at the Startup Loft area, presenting our solutions and offering insights into the potential of our Internal Developer Platform.

Not just business: The Formula 1 Simulator Experience

For those in search of a thrill, the Ferrari simulator offered an unforgettable experience, inviting attendees to compete on virtual circuits such as Monte Carlo and Barcelona. This was a perfect illustration of how technology could transport you to an entirely different reality, something Napptive aims to do with our technology in the realm of cloud native solutions.

Expert Guidance and Startup Opportunities

The ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions allowed attendees to engage directly with AWS experts, presenting a unique chance to get any cloud-related queries answered. Additionally, the Startup Loft presented exclusive sessions for startups to connect, learn, and see what’s being built on AWS. These platforms underscored the spirit of collaboration and innovation that AWS and Napptive share.

The Excitement of AWS DeepRacer League

Adding to the fun and engagement was the AWS DeepRacer League – a global championship of miniature autonomous racing cars driven by machine learning. This delightful blend of competition and advanced technology is a testament to the potential and excitement surrounding AI and Machine Learning, core elements of Napptive’s Internal Developer Platform.

Partner Expo and Community Networking

The Partner Expo allowed attendees to connect with AWS partners, independent developers, and technology enthusiasts from various industries. This vibrant mix of professionals provided unique networking opportunities and highlighted the global nature of the AWS ecosystem.

AWS Hub and the Spanish Connection

The AWS Hub offered first-hand insights about the new AWS Region in Spain, AWS services, industry solutions, AWS Community, AWS Game Tech, and sustainability initiatives. This was a significant highlight, indicating AWS’s commitment to fostering local ecosystems while maintaining its global reach.

Napptive at the AWS

Napptive was part of the second cohort of AWS Startups last year, and through our continued collaboration with AWS, we were invited to have a stand this year, which we took full advantage of to showcase our Internal Developer Platform to an audience composed of developers, platform engineers, and management personnel keen on cloud native solutions. The response we received was nothing short of spectacular, reflecting the growing demand for efficient and robust cloud native solutions.

In conclusion, the AWS Summit in Madrid was a great event for Napptive. It allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities to a highly receptive audience and served as an affirming testament to the effectiveness and potential of our Platform. We eagerly look forward to participating in future AWS Summits and further establishing our role as pioneers in the cloud native solutions space.

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