A Year in review

by Dec 12, 2022Article

Since we first launched our platform just over a year ago, we are incredibly grateful for what has happened to us during 2022. We want to share our experiences of going to market, growing our user base, and what life is at a start-up that intends to shape the way cloud-native application development is performed.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest milestones has been our growth in user base. In just one year, we have gone from having barely dozens of users to surpassing a thousand users last month, and we continue to grow! This is a clear indication of the demand for our platform and the value it provides to its users, and is a testament to the feedback we constantly receive and try to apply to our feature enhancements. On this note, our platform has seen significant improvements in both functionality and UI, which has made our platform even more valuable to our users and has contributed to our growth.

CNCF Silver membership

One of the main milestones we wanted to highlight is to officially announce our membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). As a member of the CNCF, we are now part of a community dedicated to advancing the adoption of cloud-native technologies. Being a member will provide us with access to a wealth of resources and expertise that can help us continue to improve our platform and better serve our users. Having access to the latest research and development in the cloud-native space, as well as a community of experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support which will be incredibly useful in the coming year.

In addition to our membership in the CNCF, we have also been active in attending various events. We were picked as a finalist at the South Summit in Madrid, which allowed us to showcase our platform and demonstrate its capabilities to a wider audience, attracting new users and customers, and gaining exposure and recognition in the industry. 

Another highlight this year has been our continued support of the Cloud App Developers community, aimed at enthusiasts of cloud-native technologies, where they share knowledge, and support developers in their professional growth. 

It goes without saying that we are over the moon as we have signed several major contracts within our first year of existence, and we expect to continue this trend in 2023. 

Additionally, we sponsored Kubernetes Community Days Spain, where we delivered a talk on “How OAM and CUE eliminate Kubernetes barriers”Our sponsorship of these events and organizations is an important way for us to give back to the cloud-native community and support its growth and development, which is one of the reasons we actively contribute to both the OAM specification and Kubevela projects.  

Apart from our marketing and commercial activities, we have also created several programs to support the development of cloud-native technologies. Our developer advocate program is designed to provide support and resources to our users, helping them to get the most out of our platform and build successful cloud-native applications while spreading the awareness of Napptive, helping them to overcome any challenges they may face and accelerate their development.

Last but not least, we also implemented Academic and Open Source programs. This is a way for us to prove our commitment to promoting tools that can help both students and open-source contributors to improving their skills and abilities in software development. Our mission is to disseminate the use of these technologies and for this reason, we launched both programs.

We know there are many things we have left out in this review, but we feel these were the main milestones we achieved. We want to thank all of our customers and users, our dev advocates, and above all, our dedicated staff for having made this a year to remember.

In case you have not yet tried Napptive, we encourage you to sign up for free and discover how we are helping propel the development of cloud-native apps.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!