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Who we are

Napptive was founded in 2021 by a group of seasoned engineers who have been working as a tight-knit group in different companies. The combined experience in developing global projects in Big Data, Edge, and Cloud technologies, has encouraged us to pool our experience into creating the Napptive platform.

Our mission

We want to become the silver lining in your cloud-native application development. We passionately believe you should be able to focus on innovating and doing what you love most, without being hindered by the underlying technology.

Álvaro Agea

Alvaro Agea profile pic


An innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers with efficient and effective solutions. He is at the forefront of the cloud-native movement. Open source, advanced, and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus through Nalej, Novelti, Strands, or Stratio.

Daniel Higuero


His work is focused on facilitating the deployment of complex applications in Kubernetes clusters using OAM. He has experience leading product architecture in several companies such as Nalej, Novelti, and Stratio. Also, he holds a PhD on Computer Science from UC3M, and also worked as Program Director on the U-Tad Big Data Master and Expert programs.

Carmen de Lope

VP of Engineering

Enthusiastic lover of technology, with a long career focused on software development. Experience on databases, real-time systems, big data or containerization and a plethora of programming languages, developed in big companies like Indra or BME, or startups like Firm believer in the key role of women in IT. Mother of a big family.

Iván Díaz

UX & Design Lead

Passionate about design and new technologies, focused it’s expertise in Computer Science and Videogames design, and specialized in UX design for digital products. Always looking for new challenges, surfed the Big Data, IOT and EDGE computing waves, hand in hand with companies like Paradigma Digital, Stratio, Novelti or Nalej

Steve Galache

VP of Revenue

With a background in Linguistics, he is also an avid technophile, having created the main Apache meetups in Spain including Spark, Cassandra, Mesos, & Kafka, as well as DevSecOps Spain. In IT, he first started as Director of Marketing & Communications at Stratio Big Data, and later as CMO at Kiuwan, IriusRisk & Hdiv Security.

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